January 13, 2015

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                                                                          RICHLAND HILLS CITY COUNCIL
                                                                                     January 13, 2015
                                                                          CITY HALL, 3200 DIANA DRIVE

The Work Session is open to the public. If Executive Session is required, it will be held in the Council Conference Room, and is closed to the public. Please note that although agenda items will generally be considered in the order shown below, the order may change in order to accommodate the needs of the council, planning & zoning city staff, presenters, or the public generally. Therefore, members of the public interested in any agenda item are encouraged to be in attendance at the start of the meeting.


1.      Call to Order
2.      Discussion regarding Community Activity Center Plans and Studies.
3.      Adjournment


I hereby certify that the above agenda was posted on this the 8th day of January, 2015, by 5:30 p.m., on the official bulletin board at the Richland Hills City Hall, 3200 Diana Drive, Richland Hills, Texas.

Cathy Bourg
City Secretary

                                                                                      ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT

The Facility is wheelchair accessible. If you plan to attend this meeting and you have a disability that requires special arrangements at the meeting, please notify the City Secretary 48 hours in advance of the meeting so that reasonable accommodations can be made. City of Richland Hills (817) 616-3810.