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Tax Abatement
The City Council may elect to grant a tax abatement of up to 100 percent for a period not to exceed 10 years. Abatement is limited to the value of new or added property or improvements. A minimum investment of $2 million for new developments is required for consideration of tax abatement. For expansion of existing facilities the threshold is $750 thousand and for regional retail/entertainment developments the minimum is $3 million.

Triple Freeport
Tarrant County, the Birdville ISD and the City of Richland Hills have chosen to exempt "qualifying goods" from the ad valorem tax. "Qualifying goods" are those taken into inventory by a business and shipped to an out-of-state destination within 175 days of entering the business’ property. Products that are shipped to other points in Texas are ineligible, as is equipment used in packaging or production. Applications for the exemption are made to the Tarrant Appraisal District.

Other Incentives

Additional incentives may be negotiated with the City with consideration given to the value of investment, number of jobs created and/or taxable retail sales. For more information contact the Department of Economic Development at 817-616-3765.