Spring Clean Up 2019

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Code Enforcement Blitz

The City of Richland Hills will be conducting a Spring Clean Up from May 28th  - June 4th. As part of the clean up event, Code Enforcement will be on the lookout for code violations. 

 High Grass & Weeds

High Grass & Weeds - Grass and weeds on developed property must be an average of 8 inches or less. Grass and weeds on undeveloped property must be an average of 12 inches or less. Properties must be maintained all year long. (Code of Ordinances Sec. 34-31)

 Dead/Damaged Trees

Dead or Damaged Trees - Dead or damaged trees which pose a threat of personal injury or property damage. Such trees are presumed to be unsightly and unsafe, and are considered a public nuisance. (Code of Ordinances Sec. 34-90)


 Dilapidated Fence

Dilapidated Fence or Screening - All screening fences must be maintained reasonably plumb and structurally sound. Any screening fence that is severely deteriorated and constitutes a public hazard to persons or property shall be repaired, replaced or removed. (Code of Ordinances Sec. 34-89) 

 Accumulation of Trash & Debris


Accumulations of Trash/Debris - Accumulations of any garbage, refuse, rubbish, trash or debris on any property is prohibited. Such accumulation can pose a health hazard and provide harborage for rats, vectors, mosquitos, flies or other insects. (Code of Ordinances Sec. 34-83)


 Inoperable Vehicles

Inoperable/Junk Vehicles - Vehicles that are wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled or have been inoperable for more than 30 consecutive days on private property. (Code of Ordinances Sec. 34-231)

  Parking on Unapproved Surfaces            

Parking on Unapproved Surfaces - Vehicles, trailers and recreational equipment must be parked on an approved surface or concrete or asphalt. Approved surfaces include concrete, asphalt, gravel completely contained or bordered by a concrete curb, brick or brick pavers or other commercially sold concrete, masonry or rock material used for parking surfaces. Parking on grass is prohibited at all times (Code of Ordinances Sec. 34-291)