Warrant Information

If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, the following procedures apply:

  • You may pay the fine/costs using cash, money order, cashier's check or credit card. No personal checks will be accepted.
  • If you have never appeared at court, or failed to appear for a court date, you may post a cash bond to have the warrant removed and set a court date. Surety Bonds will only be accepted upon approval of the Judge. Please contact the court for the bond amount.
  • If you have been before the Judge, judgment has been entered and a fine has been assessed on your case, your only option is to pay the fine in full (view the Payment Information page). No extensions or court dates will be given.

Warrants cannot be paid over the telephone.

You may pay warrants online. However, each violation must be paid in full to clear the warrant. If you have more than one warrant and only pay one, the others will remain in active warrant status until paid in full. Warrants will not be cleared until the next business day. Keep a copy of your payment confirmation for your records.

If you require additional information, please contact Marshal Heizer at 817-616-3827.