Election Information

City Council Elections

The Richland Hills City Council is composed of a Mayor and six Council Members in places designated as 1 through 6. All are elected at large for three-year terms by registered voters within the city limits of Richland Hills.

May 4, 2024 General Election

The City of Richland Hills will hold a General Election on May 4, 2024 to elect the Mayor, Council, Place 2, and Council, Place 4 to a three-year term. The filing period to receive applications for a place on the ballot will begin 8 am Wednesday, January 17, 2024 through 5 pm Friday, February 16, 2024. 

Notice of Deadline to File

Notice of Drawing for a Place on the Ballot 


Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot



Wyatt Smith

Joyce Zuefeldt Fiaccone

Curtis Bergthold

Council, Place 2


Travis Malone

Jen Clark

Council, Place 4


John Skier

Javier Alvarez

Stacey Lightfoot Morse


Each of the six Councilmembers and Mayor shall, on the date of the election, be:

  • At least twenty-one (21) years of age
  • A citizen of the United States of America and a registered, qualified voter of the State of Texas
  • Shall reside and shall have resided for at least one year preceding the election at which he is a candidate, within the corporate limits of Richland Hills
  • Shall not be in arrears in the payment of any taxes or other liability due the City, or be disqualified by reason of any provision of any other section of this Charter. 

A person who does not possess each of the above qualifications at the time of his/her filing as a candidate shall not be eligible to be elected to the Council. A member of the Council ceasing to possess any of the qualifications specified in this section, or any other sections of this Charter, or convicted of a felony while in office, shall immediately forfeit his/her office. No Councilmember shall hold any other public office except that of Notary Public, member of the National Guard or any Military Reserve, or a retired member of the Armed Services.

Per the Texas Ethics Commission, committees and candidates must file applications and regular finance reports with the City Secretary's Office.

If you have any questions, please contact the City Secretary's Office, at 817-616-3810, or via email.

Future Elections

  • May 3, 2025 - Place 1 and Place 6
  • May 2, 2026 - Place 3 and Place 5
  • May 1, 2027 - Mayor, Place 2, and Place 4
  • May 6, 2028 - Place 1 and Place 6
  • May 5, 2029 - Place 3 and Place 5
  • May 4, 2030 - Mayor, Place 2, and Place 4

Other elections may be called as needed in accordance with the Texas Election Code.

Voting Information

For information on voter registration and polling locations, contact Tarrant County Elections at 817-831-VOTE (8683) or visit Tarrant County's website.

Para la información sobre registro de votante y puestos de votación, póngase en contacto con Elecciones de Condado Tarrant en 817-831-VOTE (8683) o visite el sitio web en  tarrantcounty.com/evote.