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    Recycling Do's and Don'ts

    Number 1,2,3,4,5 & 7 plastics cn be recycled in your recycle bin. Milk jugs, liter bottles, shampoo bottles, etc.
    No butter tubs or containers with openings as large as the container.
    No plastic bottles that have contained oil or petroleum by-products.
    Please remove all caps.

    All colors of glass bottles can be recycled. Bottles only. No plate glass, ceramic or mirrors.

    All metal food and beverage cans can be recycled. It's not necessary to remove the label, but plese remove the lids and all food waste. 
    No aluminum foil.

    Newspaper, Catalogs and Magazines
    Newspapers, catalogs and magazines can all be recycled in your recycle bin.

    Junk Mail, Cardboard and Mixed Household Paper

    Place all junk mail, envelopes, cereal boxes, cardboard, chipboard and any other household paper product in a brown paper grocery sack and put beside or inside your bin. These loose paper products need to be separate from other materials in your bin.
    No tissues, wet paper or paper contaminated with food products are accepted. All cardboard must be broken down to a size that will fit inside your recycle bin. Larger boxes can be placed under your recyle bin. Only flattened boxes will be accepted.
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